Batch-off Release Agent

  • Tire Tube Release Agent For Butyl NR Tire Tubes

    Tire Tube release agent is composed of complex fatty acid salts, high molecular weight polymer, and fine amorphous diller, which is mainly used in the tube extrusion process to prevent the sticking of uncured rubber tubes. it can prevent dust problems during process and does not form any hard build-up/deposits onto the surface of rubber tubes and equipment. it could form an uniform film onto the outside surface of tire tubes to prevent the sticking. during curing process at high temperature, this anti-tacking film can melt into rubber compoind, which means that it does not cause any problems during subsequent processing.

  • Batch-Off Release Agent Suited For All Kinds Of Elastomers

    Release Agent PRP-75C is a powder batch-off release agent. It prevents the adhesion of uncured rubber and milled sheets during storage. Release Agent PRP-75C consists of inorganic fillers and active substances. Release Agent PRP-75C shows good wetting and release properties for all types of rubber independent of softness and stickiness. Release Agent PRP-75C is well tolerated by the rubber and there is no influence to flow behavior or other properties during vulcanization.

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